Accessorise with a little jewellery sparkle

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Here are some great ideas to help you accessorise any outfit and look fabulous whatever the occasion.

Complete your outfit with gold, diamonds or pearls Crisp white shirt: check. Perfectly fitting jeans: check. Killer heels or fabulous flats: check. Statement bag: check. Now, how about a ‘must have’ piece of beautiful jewellery to finish the look? It doesn’t matter how stylish the wardrobe, the final touch will always be jewellery. But what to go for?


Fope Flex'It Prima Bracelet

Glistening gold

No one ever went wrong wearing gold, the precious metal for champions. You can choose either yellow, white or rose gold, for that always chic and timeless appearance. Why not mix all three with an exquisite Russian wedding bangle; interlocking bands of rose, white and yellow gold symbolising the past, present and future. Fope gold bracelets are easy to roll on and off, and can be worn stacked, while a gold chain necklace will look wonderful over a summer tan – we can but hope – and that crisp white shirt.


Mikimoto Pearl and Diamond Earrings

A pearlescent glow

Pearls look classic and sophisticated; the more you wear them the more they – and you – will glow. Try a strand, bracelet and studs from Mikimoto – the originator of cultured pearls. They’ll instantly smarten up any business outfit whether it’s for a virtual meeting or back in the office.


Diamond Halo Pendant

Diamonds are forever

Who doesn’t admire a diamond? There’s nothing like them for dazzle and sparkle. You could try a tennis bracelet – so-called after US tennis champ Chris Evert used to wear hers on court in the 1970s – which, like those Fope bracelets, can also be worn stacked. Or how about some diamond studs or a solitaire necklace?


Pariah Tourmaline and Diamond Halo Ring

Add to your essentials

Once you’ve established your jewellery essentials, you can build on your collection with additional investment pieces such as a magnificent cocktail ring – named thanks to their shining brilliance and ability to draw attention to the wearer’s exotic alcoholic drink during 1920s prohibitionist America. They usually feature a large precious stone too, so why not choose your birth stone? 

Whether you’re starting out or looking to add to your collection, Cheltenham jeweller Martin & Co’s experienced team is on hand to advise you every step of the way. So why not create your own wish list of your favourite jewels to complete your wardrobe – and don’t forget to drop a hint to your loved one!