A simple guide to choosing the perfect wedding anniversary gift

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(all you need to do is remember the year you were married!)

Diamond and Rose Gold Earrings

Finding a perfect wedding anniversary gift can be daunting, but luckily tradition lends a hand with a long-held custom of marking each year with a particular gift. As ever, we’ve got the Victorians to thank for largely establishing this practice back in the 1800s. It’s thought, for example, that the giving of diamonds to celebrate the 60th year of marriage originated from Queen Victoria’s own Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897.

Yellow Gold Diamond and Amethyst Pendant

Celebrate time passing

Since then, the list of anniversary gifts has of course evolved. Instead of paper for the first year, for example, you will often see clocks mentioned to symbolise the first twelve months of marriage. To mark the day, why not choose a beautiful watch from Rolex, TUDOR, or British-made Bremont?

By the 5th year, there’s the first opportunity to indulge in some silver. The list specifies silverware but nobody would object to a creative interpretation here, so why not look for some silver jewellery like a contemporary sterling silver polished bangle. A 12th anniversary is a chance to break out the pearls, so what better than a beautiful 18ct white gold pendant featuring a single Akoya cultured pearl with three sparkling marquise cut diamond leaves above, all suspended from an 18ct white gold 16 inch curb chain?

Pearl and Diamond Pendant

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1st Clocks 13th Clothes
2nd China 14th Gold Jewellery
3rd Crystal 15th Watches
4th Appliances 20th Platinum
5th Silverware 25th Silverware
6th Wood 30th Diamond
7th Pens 35th Jade
8th Linen 40th Ruby
9th Leather 50th Sapphire
10th Diamond Jewellery 50th Gold
11th Jewellery 55th Emerald
12th Pearls 60th Diamond


Diamond Bracelet and Necklace

Silver, gold and diamond

The big anniversaries – the 25th, 50th, and 60th years – are the stars of the show and are marked with silver, gold and diamonds respectively. Any of these milestones is a great achievement and needs a great celebration to match. For silver, how about a contemporary sterling silver bracelet, or an entwined torque cuff bangle? When it comes to gold, the choice is just as wide with a beautifully crafted pair of 18ct rose and white gold diamond hoop earrings perhaps, or an 18ct yellow gold signet ring. Then there’s the diamond anniversary with limitless gift opportunities: why not an 18ct rose gold amethyst and diamond pendant, or a stunning contemporary 18ct rose gold embrace diamond ring?

Silver Bracelet

All these gifts and many more are available from Cheltenham jeweller Martin & Co to help you make your next wedding anniversary a day to remember.